“At-Will” Relationships (BW)

Many of our 50 states practice at-will employment, which at its basis simply means that in absence of a contract that declares otherwise, an employer can terminate an employee for any legal and ethical reason at will. Whatever the non-at-will states or you as an individual may think of this legal concept, when you get right down to it, most of life’s relationships are a lot like that. (Unless you’re a Catherine Zeta Jones, you most likely won’t be contracted to receive millions if your womanizing new hubby strays, for instance.) So if you’re in an at-will relationship (of any meaningful kind, not just romantic), as the vast majority of people are, it would stand to reason that you would be on your best behavior…to avoid getting fired. So why do we feel our personal relationships are a good place to sometimes act out and be a lesser version of ourselves? We all do it at different times. Why? Tell me what professional or work behaviors you could bring to improve your personal relationships, your self, to lessen the likelihood of getting you kicked to the curb? — BadWitch


Juicy Relationship Coaching for Leaders and Individuals.

Mondays money, work, purpose dilemmas. Thursdays family, relationships, love dramedy. Send your brewing questions on how to thrive—not just survive— modern life to: coaching@stillsitting.net.

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